Last week I was a guest on Marcelle Pick’s Core Balance for Women’s Health show at Hay House Radio. It was exciting to have a venue to speak passionately about how beliefs drive the bus of our financial lives. I know that without being conscious of our money beliefs we can’t make real, lasting change in our finances and now I was given a chance to tell the world!

I’ve gotten great feedback on the show from around the country (and Canada). One of the things that amazed listeners was that two of the people calling in for help were financial people themselves – a CPA and an investment person. It didn’t surprise me, though.

It just proved my point that all the knowledge and mechanical advice in the world won’t solve our problems if we don’t examine our underlying beliefs around money. Without that piece of the puzzle, we’re doomed to repeat the same mistakes over and over again.

And, what’s worse, when we focus on only the mechanics of money, we end up thinking we are just unmotivated, irresponsible, extravagant or stupid! We quickly heap tons of shame and blame on ourselves for not doing what we know we should. And then we push ourselves into dark corners of despair or try to run from our problems. But, as they say – you can run, but you can’t hide!

I want to thank those financial professionals for calling in. Your courage gave real faces to the problem with money. It was loud and clear to everyone listening that the problem with money is not about the money – that mechanical knowledge wasn’t helping you solve your money problems. But, now armed with the new knowledge about money beliefs, you can begin to make real change with your heads held high.

Sorry – too late to listen – my fault – didn’t know the show went into oblivion…..  (Or, at least I can’t find it!).  I’ll be on again in May – this time I’ll let you know.

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