I think this year I’ll commit to a New Year’s Solution instead of a New Year’s Resolution.  Resolutions don’t seem to work for me.  Somehow resolving to make a change isn’t enough.  But, acting like I already have the answer feels like a better chance for success.

One of the basic elements of Empowerment methodology is the shift from Pathology to Vision—from focusing on what doesn’t work in our life to what we really want.  I think that’s the difference between a resolution and solution.

With a resolution we decide to change a problem:  I’ll lose weight or spend less.  With a solution, we can focus on a new vision because the problem has already been solved.  It’s a subtle shift in perception but it feels totally different and it is so important to the outcome.

Just thinking back on the financial problems of 2009, we can get lost in the gloom and doom of the year.  We don’t even want to think back to the mess.  And, resolving to clean it up, isn’t going to help.  But, if we can affirm that we already have the solution and move toward a vision of financial stability, the shadow lifts and we can get a clear picture of where we’re heading.

So my New Year’s Solution is I have a financially balanced life that reflects my own conscious money beliefs and values.  And, while I’m at it, I eat food that supports a healthy lifestyle!  What’s your New Year’s Solution?

There, that feels much better!

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