Keep watching, when you least expect it, Santa will appear!  Back on October 20, I expressed my frustration with Chase Credit for using a bogus excuse for upping my interest rate.  I wrote a letter in protest hoping to find some reason somewhere and that my rose-colored glasses weren’t beginning to blind me.

Chase Frustration hit a nerve because you replied with the longest and the most comments ever.  You had a lot to say using words like “very sleazy, injustice, mistreatment, powerless and not…hopeful”.  All our frustrations with the current challenging financial times erupted loud and clear.

But – I’m here to report, there is a Santa.  Like Santa creeping in with gifts under the tree, that 3.99% interest rate reappeared on my account.  No fanfare, no advance letter – just there waiting to be found on my monthly statement.  Like each Christmas Eve, this small gift once again ignited my childlike hope for this world.

As in the original 1897 editorial to Virginia, we …”have been affected by the skepticism of a skeptical age.”  Some skepticism is healthy, but times like this can lead us to loss of hope and faith in our fellow man.  But remember, behind that big corporate mask are people just like us.  And just like us, they can and will “Be the change you wish to see in the world” (Mahatma Ghandi).  Remembering that, we will see this through to better times.

Hope still springs eternal…

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