Summer’s over and it’s back to school.  Even though I’m no longer involved with the beginning of the school year, I look forward to it.  It always feels more like the New Year than January 1st does.  I love fall and the feel of new beginnings—maybe because I was one of those kids who loved school and looked forward to the start of another year.

But, not all of us felt that way.  For some, school was a painful experience—sometimes because of money beliefs others had.  This week I received an e-mail from a neighbor asking for donations to help buy new sneakers for needy children.  She wrote, “My daughter and I have never known the embarrassment of starting a new school year with a torn pair of shoes.  It is my hope that none of you or your children have either.”  She remembered just how important it was and still is.

Back then and still now, we judge each other by our “wealth” not our “worth”.  Our society tell us “what makes the man”.  And, we blindly follow its beliefs and unwittingly pass them on to our children.  It becomes one of the many in our storehouse of unexamined money beliefs.

It’s a long journey to clear out and clean up these beliefs—but we have to start somewhere.  Pay attention to when you find yourself judging someone for the money they do or don’t have.  It may just be a subtle internal nudge or you may end up speaking it aloud.  You’ll be surprised just how much this is a part of all of us.  But, once we’re aware of it, we can start turning that belief around to something that “gives” rather “takes away” our own deeper, personal value.

Happy New Year!  I’m loving it!

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