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There is no “one size fits all” for managing money. Instead, it’s all about you. The right way for you is not the right way for everyone. And the right way for a couple is anything and everything the two of you can dream up. As a coach, consultant and trusted adviser, Jane helps you discover and define your money strengths while raising your awareness of all the factors affecting your money life. Along the way you’ll lower your stress level and learn to talk about money in effective ways. Jane’s primary goal is for you to make peace with who you are and where you’re going with your financial life. It’s all about you.


Jane’s work with you straddles both the relational and transactional side of money.

The relational side is how you think, feel and act with money. With the relational side,
Jane helps you:

  • Explore the personal limiting beliefs that get in the way of your best laid plans
  • Identify your strengths using Your Money Style assessment tool
  • Learn to talk about money using new language and new behaviors
  • Understand how your brain can work with you to support your goals
The transactional side is all about the numbers. Being a traditional CPA for over 30 years, Jane helps you develop a practical solution for:

  • Spending: How to create a spending plan instead of a budget
  • Debt: How to manage debt in a meaningful, practical way
  • Short term savings: How to prioritize competing goals
  • Investment and retirement planning: How to live today and plan for tomorrow

The Money Dynamic

Jane Honeck is the founder of a ground-breaking new program called The Money Dynamic a learning tool to help people understand the relationship between them and their money. The Money Dynamic includes eight different classes that give you a whole new way of thinking and talking about money. The program starts with where you are now and moves you forward to create a new stress-free life with money. Each class within The Money Dynamic has a number of fun, interactive lessons and exercises that help you fully integrate your learning into everyday behaviors.

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Jane, You were amazing this morning. You figured out what I needed and you made it happen quite expeditiously. I really can't afford not to have you in my life.My stress level is 1/10 what it was when I walked into your office.
Your grateful client John

Dr. John R. Joseph, ER Doctor

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